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Become a Business Credit Millionaire
Get Business Credit NOW!

Get Business Credit


Imagine Having MILLIONS of Dollars Available to Borrow for Real Estate,
Business Finance, to Lease Vehicles/Business Equipment or for Lines of
Credit at Your Fingertips Just for Having Established Business
Credit...And Yes, This Money is Available EVEN During this Credit


Dear Future Business Credit Millionaire,

I don't know about you but I am SICK of hearing about how "bad" things
are in the economy all the time and how there's never any money
available to borrow for real estate, credit cards, lines of credit, or
to purchase a business...or even to purchase a car, for crying out
loud, unless you have tons of personal assets to use as collateral.

Are you sick of the constant "economic crisis" like I am yet?

Yes, I figured you were.
Of course, our economy is getting stronger and stronger by the day but
it doesn't mean that we aren't still suffering in its aftermath,
especially since we're coming up on yet another recession as we speak.
This means that banks are still strict and tight with lending money to
the "Average Joe" UNLESS you know how to pull the right strings!

And there's NO reason you should suffer along side of everyone else out
there in the world.

Smart Men and Women are CASHING IN on a Little-Known Credit Strategy!

In fact, there are smart business men and women out there who are
TAKING ADVANTAGE of this crisis by getting real estate for pennies on
the dollar, sucking up businesses super cheap, and accessing millions
of dollars in lines of credit through banks, lending institutions, and
private money sources...


They are smart, for one. But, that doesn't mean you can't access their
secrets as well.

After all, when is the BEST TIME to buy up real estate and businesses?

When the economy is in the gutter, that's when!

You don't get deals when the real estate market is at an all-time
high. You don't get top-of-the-line businesses for DIRT CHEAP during
prosperous times. You don't get deals on massive amounts of inventory
to sell on eBay or your website when the economy is solid.

No, all the deals are NOW and ONLY for those who have the cash to
access these incredible opportunities.

But, as you know, the biggest problem is getting CASH.

The banks don't want to lend it out to individuals. Everyone is
claiming that they can't lend money. So, creditworthy qualified
individuals aren't able to qualify for real estate loans, business or
personal lines of credit, or even for a car loan in this day and age
because they aren't privy to the secrets of getting this available

And that sucks!

The unfortunate thing is that the Average Joe just like you has been
excluded from knowing anything about this secret...and that's a shame!
This credit "loophole" was designed for the wealthy ONLY and not for

But not anymore!

I Have CRACKED THE CODE to Getting Unlimited Amounts of Business
Credit...And I Can Show You My Secrets!

I have CRACKED THE CODE to getting business credit, even if you are an
Average Joe who knows little about the business credit game.

Let's face it: Our whole WORLD is run on credit. You need credit to
buy property. You need credit to purchase or lease a vehicle. You
need credit for lines of credit. You even need credit to sign up for
phone service or security monitoring service. That is how reliant we
are on credit.

Hey, I didn't make the system the way it is. But, you can bet I play
the game the way it was designed to be played and by their rules since
it's necessary to winning in today's economy.

All the wealthy have been using these techniques for decades and it's
about time you start using these secrets to CASH IN BIG.

Do you think Donald Trump has problems getting funding for anything
from real estate purchases to business lines of credit? No, not at
all! Not even in this lousy economy!


And Here's the "Secret"...

So, what's the secret?

Let me start with my personal story...and I'll be quick about it. I
know you have better things to do than to read about my life story.

About 12 years ago I had to file for personal bankruptcy due to an
irresponsible ex-husband who didn't value credit. So, I went from
having PERFECT credit to unable to purchase the cheapest used car on a
lot at some scummy low-life corner dealership.

How could this happen to me?

How could so many of my perfect credit accounts have been damaged
because of an ex stealing my credit cards and running up my balances?
Isn't that "theft" that could be prosecuted?

I guess the cops have better things to do than to tend to my credit

So, I had to file bankruptcy and I felt horrible about it. I knew that
I would be considered credit "unworthy" for at least 10 years and I had
plans on buying real estate, businesses, and getting involved in other
lucrative endeavors...all REQUIRING credit!

What was I going to do?

My father has had a law office for many years having attorneys and
paralegals working under him. Initially he did bankruptcy, divorce,
and even immigration law. Later he decided to change into corporate
law and specialized in setting up corporations, trusts, offshore
corporations, etc.

And he told me a little secret that BLEW ME BACK!

He said, "Open up a corporation, build some credit, and purchase the
real estate you want to purchase!"

I balked at the idea...

"I know NOTHING about building credit with a company."

But he said he would show me how to do it.

Immediately I envisioned that I would have to start another "real"
company (because at the time I already had one) and I didn't want to go
through all that.

He swore that I didn't have to expose my current company and that I
could start a new company credit file immediately.

But, there were tons of hows for me...

How can I...

...build company credit within a few months?

...be able to build strong enough credit to buy real estate and

...be able to build strong enough credit for a business line of credit
worth at least $100,000?

...build company credit without having to shell out a lot of money?

My dad said he would help me through all of it.

But, I didn't want to bother him because he works a lot of hours. So,
I bought into a few courses and books about the subject. I tried
setting up a business and then using the techniques in the courses.

Some of the techniques worked while most didn't. I used strategies
from Ray Reynolds and a few others. They didn't work so well...

Building and Using Business Credit the WRONG Way Could Equal JAIL TIME!

When my dad came over to my house, he saw a part of Ray Reynolds'
course on my coffee table. He got really angry and said, "I told you I
would show you how to build real corporate credit. Those guru guys
don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. If you use their
techniques you could get in a lot of legal trouble!"

Legal trouble?

I panicked. I had no idea that building business credit the WRONG way
could create a lot of legal problems, even jail time!

Yes, that's right!

If you don't build credit the correct and legal way, you could end up
in jail!

That's pretty damn scary, isn't it?

I had no idea. So, I tossed all the books and courses I bought from
gurus about building corporate credit and went under my dad's wing.

He showed me:
* How building personal credit for the purposes of purchasing
investment real estate or for business credit is STUPID!
* Why millions of people are S-O-L (s*** out of luck) because they
are relying on their personal credit and, in this current economy,
most people's personal credit SUCKS! This leaves them with NO
options for building a business, buying real estate, or even
getting a car loan. (And it doesn't have to be that way!)
* How there is a specific list of banks and lenders who are looking
to lend business lines of credit and to lend credit to corporations
for real estate transaction...and he shared this list with me.
* How I didn't have to wait the usual 90 - 120 days to build the
corporate credit because there was a way to get a line of business
credit of $100,000 INSTANTLY if I only knew how to do it. (This
secret will BLOW YOU AWAY!)
* Why Donald Trump was able to file for bankruptcy TWICE and yet he
still gets business lines of credit and real estate loans worth
* Why business credit was MUCH MORE POWERFUL than even the best
personal credit and how you can get instant lines of credit from
$25,000 to $500,000 in unsecured corporate credit virtually
* Why it's better to get corporate credit cards, lease cars under the
corporation, buy real estate under the company, etc...because it
never affects your personal credit! And, if you ever run behind on
your payments, it NEVER affects your personal credit score!
* Most important: How to set up corporate credit LEGALLY so that I
didn't have to worry about lawsuits or jail for not building or
using corporate credit correctly!

And the "secrets" that those "gurus" about building corporate credit
will NEVER tell you (because they don't know), including actual sources
to get business credit cards, business lines of credit, etc.

I realized that NOW is the time to get corporate credit and to forget
the fool's game of trying to build corporate credit for business use.

It's Much Easier to Build Quick Corporate Credit Than You Think!

When I first got started, I thought building good corporate credit
would take years. Boy, was I wrong! It only takes a few months!

Yes, it does!

Believe it or not!

And what can you get with this newfound business credit?

Lease/purchase vehicles (as many as you want)

Purchase real estate (single-family or commercial multi-unit)

Corporate/business credit cards with limits usually starting
at $25,000

Business lines of credit from $25,000 to $500,000 (to start)

And what did I get within 90 days of starting my own business credit
* 3 business credit cards with credit limits starting at $25,000,
$30,000, and $50,000
* 1 business line of credit for $100,000 (COLD HARD CASH)
* A white S-class Mercedes-Benz


* I have purchased over 1,500 in apartment units and 300 office
building units all with business credit.
* And I was able to purchase my first investment real estate property
with my new business credit profile within 90 days and it was a 36
unit building that gives me a $7,400 per month positive net cash
* All of my real estate purchases are under corporate credit. I DO
NOT use personal credit for any real estate transaction!

How Many Financial Opportunities Are YOU Missing Out on Because You
Don't Have the Right Credit Profile?

Do you really know what it means to have UNLIMITED access to funds at
your fingertips?

No, this doesn't mean you should run out and get a big screen
television or a new Mercedes-Benz SL600...although you could if you
wanted to!


There is an untapped FORTUNE in real estate right now but ONLY for
those who have access to CASH to close the deals!

And you can have instant access to that cash if you build your own
business credit file/portfolio.

Imagine how many investment real estate properties you could own. You
could get a monthly positive net cash flow of $100,000 per month,
easily...without using a cent of your own money or your own personal

I did it! You can, too!

What other opportunities other than real estate are there?

Here's what a close friend of mine did with her new business line of

She purchased five truckloads of close-out merchandise from a closed
down electronics store, rented a huge warehouse, and is selling the
merchandise online through eBay and other venues.

She used a business line of credit of $130,000 and within 60 days was
able to sell ALL of the merchandise for a gross total of $785,000.
This netted her a profit of $655,000 in 60 days!

And she even used her business credit to lease the warehouse!

With her profits, she decided to purchase herself a new silver Porsche
911 GT3 for $112,000 with her business credit, putting NO MONEY DOWN
for the car!


Because her personal credit score SUCKS! She also had to file for
bankruptcy a year ago and has a personal credit score of 483.

But it didn't stop her from using this newfound TOP SECRET business
credit strategy to make huge sums of money!

Yes, You Will Have Access to LOTS OF MONEY But You Should Use It to
MAKE YOU MONEY and Not to Spend It Unwisely!

The whole purpose of getting a new corporate credit file is to use
money to make money. The rich use OPM (other people's money) to fund
all of their business ventures and real estate deals.

Why should you lose out on these lucrative enterprises because you
aren't privy to these secrets?

Not anymore!

I will share these incredible secrets with you but you have to promise
me that you won't abuse your new power to access these funds by using
the credit for money making purposes ONLY.

Promise me?

"I really doubted this would work!"

"I wanted to borrow money to start an independent music studio where I
could have artists come in, use my facilities, and pay an hourly rate.
It was my dream to do this but money was always a problem. After
trying to borrow money years ago for my business plan, I gave up. Then
I came across your system and decided to give it a shot. I started my
company, Maher Studios, and began building my business credit. Within
4 months I had triple A business credit and was able to get a $250,000
business line of credit. Now I'm in business and have been for the
past 9 months! This is completely awesome! Now I'm really living my

-- Gabe Maher, Music Studio Owner

" I hit the wall with real estate funding..."

"I was using my personal credit to purchase investment properties and
didn't realize what dumb idea that was until one of my properties went
into foreclosure and damaged my credit rating. It didn't matter
because after buying my fourth apartment building, I 'hit a wall,'
meaning I couldn't get anymore credit anyway. I got your course and
discovered a new way of maximizing on getting other people's money.
Since then I've been able to purchase another 11 apartment buildings
with no end in sight. If I didn't discover the power of building and
using corporate credit, I would have been stuck where I was."

-- Peter Kim, Real Estate Investor

Imagine What You Could Do With UNLIMITED Funding At Your Fingertips!

You could become a real estate multi-millionaire. You could purchase
endless amounts of properties that would be for PURE CASH FLOW

You could purchase closeout inventory for pennies on the dollar from
all the businesses going under and RESELL the merchandise for a nice
profit on eBay or through other online auctions.

You could buy and sell cars for a profit. I know a guy who does this
and he rakes in a fortune buying car parts and reselling them on the

You could buy a business. You would be able to qualify for a bank loan
and get an instant business line of credit to fund your business and
pay for keeping it running until you start making business profits.

You could start a business from scratch. How many times have you told
yourself that you wanted to start a business but couldn't afford to do
it? Not anymore! You can start a successful business from scratch!
No more putting it on hold!!

Because with your business credit you qualify for:
* Corporate credit cards ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 in
unsecured credit card limits!
* Unsecured business lines of credit from $25,000 to $500,000 and,
eventually, you can get a cash line of credit for $1,000,000.
Imagine that!
* A leased luxury vehicle of your choice from a Mercedes-Benz to a
Lexus to a BMW...or whatever luxury car you like!


You would be:
* Protecting your personal credit profile!
* Keeping your personal financial affairs PRIVATE!
* And protecting your personal property by having business credit!

Business lines of credit and credit cards come with a MUCH HIGHER
CREDIT LIMIT than you can get with a personal credit card.

For example, at one point my personal credit was so bad that I could
only qualify for one of those crappy $250 credit limit cards where they
charge you a $175 fee just to open the account!

But, months later, when I started my business credit profile, I got my
first corporate credit card in the mail with a $30,000 limit! This is

Even if I had a credit FICO score of 800 in this economy I still
wouldn't be able to get a $30,000 credit card. I'd be lucky if I could
get $10,000 in unsecured debt and that's with PERFECT personal credit.

Having business credit is MUCH DIFFERENT. You get HIGHER LIMITS
because these banks understand that businesses need MORE credit than an
individual does to keep a business going. Many business owners use
business credit for inventory, payroll, and other necessary business

In fact, the average business has a ready unsecured business line of
credit of $100,000 MINIMUM available through their bank. Did you know

The average person has a $0 line of credit available to them UNLESS
they have a HELOC on their home and then they can tap into their home's

But not anymore! Not in THIS economy! You're LUCKY if you can access
your home's equity anymore...if you even have home equity!

Is It Really THAT Easy to Get Business/Corporate Credit?

If you've been suckered into buying other corporate credit building
courses and feel you've gotten ripped off, you're correct! Most of
those "courses" are taught by "gurus" who don't have a clue how to get
REAL corporate credit.

And other "gurus" teach methods are either illegal or unethical.

You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL what methods you use to build your
corporate credit profile otherwise you could either get into legal hot
water OR end up not building a corporate credit profile worth a squat!

There are tons of ebooks on the subject of corporate credit building.
They are cheap, usually $27 - $49, and not worth your time in reading
them because they don't include everything.

When considering ANY corporate credit building course, ask these

Do you show me how to build credit with the 3 major reporting
agencies and NOT only with Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)?

Are you offering a legitimate course that is legal and
ethical on building corporate credit or can it potentially land me in

Are you offering your cheap ebook to backend me on some
expensive consulting or attorney-assisted program that will ultimately
cost me thousands of dollars?

How up-to-date is your course?

Is this some lame course about getting a new personal credit
file using an EIN (employer identification number) or forming an
offshore company?

Is your service some service that will bill me monthly while
you "claim" to be building me corporate credit (when really you are
just sucking money from my bank account)?

Do you include resources and contacts I can go to in order to
get business credit?

Do you "bait and switch" in your course by claiming I can
build instant business credit then in your ebook tell me that it will
take years and years? (One major competitor of ours does
this...claiming that you can build business credit within a few months
then when you buy his super lame ebook he makes you feel like a stupid
sap for thinking you can build corporate credit in less than two

Here's why my course is BETTER than anything else out there!
* Completely up-to-date for 2017
* Doesn't "upsell" you on expensive services or attorney-assisted
* Isn't illegal or unethical
* All of the techniques WORK!
* Covers techniques on building credit with all credit agencies and
not just the DNB
* Gives you a complete step-by-step set of instructions that anyone
can follow
* Includes resources to get BUSINESS CREDIT INSTANTLY including
sources that can give you unsecured business credit even if you
have poor personal credit!

Here's What You'll Get in the Build Business Credit FAST! System...

* Build Business Credit FAST! Manual: Discover How to Become a
Business Credit Millionaire
* Quick Start Guide: Step-by-Step Instructions on EXACTLY What to
* Audio Seminar: 2 Hours of My Kick-Ass Audio Seminar Power-Packed
with Information
* Million-Dollar Resource Directory: Exactly Where to Get ALL of
Your Unsecured Credit
* BONUS VIDEO: How to Navigate the DNB Website!
* BONUS VIDEO: How to Set Up a Corporation Online!
* BONUS VIDEO: How to Find a Virtual Office Address!

This course is NOT a download. It will be SHIPPED to you via USPS
Priority Mail.

All for a One-Time Cost of ONLY [DEL: $597 :DEL] $397.00!


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't realize the mind-blowing power of creating business credit
or are unable to get the credit you believe you deserve through my
course materials, simply ask for a refund and you'll get it, NO

I am so confident that you'll NEVER want to return this course once you
start to see the power of how business credit can change your life and
help you begin increasing your net worth!

The Bottom Line: You Need Money to Make Money in This World!

If you don't have money to make money then you are destined to be a
slave working for meager wages until you die.

As you know, a business takes money to make money (inventory,
marketing, etc.). Real estate requires money down to get a loan.


Period. No way around it!

You can choose to dream about one day being able to own a business.
Maybe you pray that your old Aunt Mildred dies and leaves you with a
few hundred grand to get your dreams off the ground.

Or you can stop praying and dreaming...AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Rich people NEVER use their own money UNLESS THEY HAVE TO!

Donald Trump isn't writing a check for his businesses or real estate.
He is borrowing like a madman!

No super rich person that I know of uses their own money for business
ventures or real estate transactions...EVER!

You have been kept blinded to the real secrets about how the wealthy
operate because they don't want you to know what they know
otherwise...who will run the cash registers at their stores? Who will
dig their ditches? Who will work for them if everyone becomes an
entrepreneur and no one works for them anymore?

Now you know why the rich keep these secrets under wraps...AND TIGHT!

Not anymore!

Thanks to my dad, I was able to make HUGE strides in business and in
real estate...

And now I can pass these secrets onto you.

How You Can Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Unsecured Lines of
Credit...Even If You HaveBAD Personal Credit! Free Report and Audio
Seminar Shows You EXACTLY How to Do It!

We respect your email privacy

Powered by AWeber email marketing

We NEVER sell, trade, or give away your personal information to ANY
outside 3rd party. And yes, we HATE SPAM, too!

Don't Re-Invent the Wheel!

If you think you know something about corporate credit because you
checked out a book from the library written in 1997 about business
credit, THINK AGAIN!

The rules have changed dramatically in the past 12 months in reference
to building corporate credit. And you better have the best,
state-of-the-art information with an EXACT step-by-step guide otherwise
you will be DEAD in the water!

Don't think you need to start your business first and THEN get credit.

How do you think you will get inventory or advertise if you start your
business first and then one day get credit? You'll NEVER get your
business off the ground.

Same deal with real estate...don't wait until you are about to
purchase a property because chances are you will realize you don't have
enough financial resources to get the deal done...and SOMEONE ELSE will
close on YOUR deal!

My Complete Course for Mere PENNIES of What an Attorney Will Charge!

Don't try to get cheap when trying to get your corporate credit set
up. You need to do it right from the start!

Don't fall for those $39 ebooks online because you will find that you
have gotten ripped off!

Yes, my course is a little more expensive but that's because it's
up-to-date, it's legal and ethical, and IT WORKS!

Other courses out there DO NOT WORK and I hate to see you spend $39
then more money on some backend "consulting" service and then, before
you know it, you are out $1,000 or more and STILL HAVE NO CORPORATE

Yes, my course is a small fraction of what others will charge yet you
WON'T get a sales pitch for some monthly consulting program or me
asking you to pay thousands of dollars to help you set up your business

This course is COMPLETE, up-to-date, and WILL help you get the credit
you seek! Guaranteed...or your money back!

You have nothing to lose...NOTHING...Except for all the business credit
you'll be missing out again.

Can you stand going to your job another day without feeling like you
are going to dry heave? Or...is your unemployment about to run out and
you need to figure something out with your life? Or...you want to
close on that real estate deal but don't have the funds to do it?


Start living like the rich person you deserve to be!

CLICK HERE to start getting corporate credit NOW!

And, if you have any questions, CLICK HERE and I will answer your

Get started NOW!

Get your business credit course today!

See you at the top!


Monica Main

P.S. The longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to start
building your corporate credit and getting those massive business lines
P.P.S. The richest people in the world NEVER use their own money to
make money. Now you can get rich like them using other people's money
once you unlock the secrets to getting UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of business
Isn't it YOUR turn to get rich??

Questions? Check out my FAQ page by clicking HERE!



"I was able to start the business of my dreams!"

"I started off as an Avon respresentative to support my baby and found
out pretty fast that there isn't big money in Avon. I thought about
starting my own cosmetics line with private label cosmetics. I did all
the research and realized that it was something I could do. The
problem was funding. I didn't have the money to get started. I tried
an SBA loan and couldn't get one because they wanted to see some of my
own money going into the business venture and I had no money to start
with. I wanted to get business credit, got scammed a few times, almost
gave up until you came along. I couldn't believe how easy it really
was. Everyone says it's easy until you try to do it then it's
difficult, confusing, and doesn't work. Your stuff is amazing and I
was able to build corporate credit inside of 60 days, get a business
loan for $125,000, and here I am with a successful business and no more
money worries."

-- Cynthia Jasen, Cosmetics Entrepreneur

"I got into a business I really love!"

"I was always into cars from when I was little. I worked as a 'grease
monkey' for a oil and lube shop forever while fixing people's cars on
the side. I wanted a mechanics business until I went to work for a
mechanic and realized that's not what I really wanted. I did some
online research and found out how profitable car parts are. I wanted
to do that but I knew I needed a lot of money to get started. By using
your course I was able to build a business credit file pretty fast.
Initially I applied for two corporate credit cards and was shocked I
got them. I was even more shocked to see the credit limits: $15,000
and $22,000! I personally cannot qualify for a personal credit card
because I filed for bankruptcy a year ago. Then, I went for a business
line of credit and got it. It started out at $60,000 then within about
90 days it was increased to $80,000. It gave me the money I needed to
start my business, get inventory, hire employees, set up my website,
and market my business. If I didn't do this, I'd still be working at
Jiffy Lube."

-- James Garcia, Pick Some Parts, Inc.

"New Infinity with a personal credit score of 462."

"I wanted to buy a new Infinity but my personal credit was shot. I
could afford the payments because of my corporate job but I couldn't
qualify for the loan without them wanting 50%! I tried your program to
built corporate credit to lease a car. The set up part was pretty
simple and took about 8 weeks for me to do. My first order of business
was to go to an Infinity dealership to see if it would work...And it
did! I got a corporate leased vehicle with the lowest interest payment
possible because my credit was so perfect. I recommend this to

-- Elizabeth Stratton, New Infinity Owner

"From unemployed to a $1.2 million dollar Internet business."

"I had lost my job as a CEO to a major shipping company when the shift
in the economy took place. I had always had a hankering to get into a
profitable online business venture but not only didn't have the money
but my severance package was running out and I had no savings to speak
of. I gave your system a try and was impressed at how easy it was to
follow, how much legitimate information was in there, and how packed it
was with tips and secrets. I wanted to start an online business
selling hypnosis CDs. I needed equipment, a musician, an
office/studio, marketing capital, and many other things. It took me 3
months to completely set up my business credit profile. Once I had my
profile in place I applied for a business line of credit and received
it within a few days of my application. It was for $50,000. I also
applied for a second business line of credit through a different bank
and got $100,000. I got 4 corporate credit cards totalling $$90,000.
I was able to start my business finally and we're on our way to making
a lot of money. This wouldn't have been possible otherwise."

-- Jake & Dana Willaby, Internet Entrepreneurs

Isn't it YOUR turn?
Click here to get started NOW!

Earnings Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's
potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can
write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that
you will earn any money using the techniques, strategies, and ideas in
these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted
as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely
dependent on the person using our product, techniques, strategies, and
ideas. We do not purport this is a "get rich quick scheme" because it
is not. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and
don't apply to the average purchaser nor are intended to represent or
guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your
level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials
depends on the time you devote to the program and in applying the
techniques presented, your finances, acquired knowledge, and various
skills. Since these factors vary from person to person, we cannot
guarantee your success or income level nor are we responsible for any
of your actions. Each individual's success depends on his or her
background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business
endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no
guarantee that you will earn any money.

Materials in our product and on our website may contain information
that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the
meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future
events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not
relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as
"anticipate," "estimate," "expect," "project," "intend," "plan,"
"believe," and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection
with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

Any and all forward-looking statements here or on any of our sales
materials are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.
Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and
no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or
anybody elses; in fact no guarantee sare made that you will achieve
results similar to ours or anybody else's. No guarantees are made that
you will achieve any results from our techniques, strategies, or ideas
in our materials.

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Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 295-5050
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